How to get Free Hosting.

Online world is a big place to knowledge. we  know something and unknown many.

Every day we face many   problem ....and try to solve it.

Today   we  solve some problem about HOSTING.

Hosting is a place where we put off our website file (like as movie, song, picture, document, e-book  etc.).

For that we need a big place in online. Hosting solve ours those problem.

But hosting is a expensive thing. We have to pay a big amount monthly/yearly for those.

But today I will be try to help you to how to get some speech to store ours file in online.

DROPBOX is a free place to store your file .You can store here Video, Audio, Picture, Document etc.

After recitation Dropbox   you get 2GB free speech to store your file.

But you can get more than 16GB free speech in Dropbox   to Invite your friend   and complete some bonuses  work or condition.

If you Invite your friends   and  they accept your invitation you get 500MB more speech for per invention accepted.

To follow those you get more than get 16 GB free Hosting pleas.

To  Register Dropbox Click Here.

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May 14, 2018 at 10:56 PM

This blog is nice and very informative. I like this blog.
blog Please keep it up.